Transfer DVCAM HDV to DVD

DV is a format for storing digital video.  In 1996, Sony developed its own professional version of the DV called DVCAM.  DVCAM was aimed at the semi-professional and lower-end professional market.  DVCAM uses the same type of tape and compression as DV and MiniDV but at a higher speed (almost 50% faster). We can also transfer HDV which is a format for recording high-definition video on a DV cassette tape.


Foreign Conversion & Repairs:

  • We can also transfer DVCAM from the PAL format and convert it to NTSC.
  • Tapes that are damaged or broken cost $20.00.  Once we fix the tape, we can put it onto a digital format.
  • There is no charge if the tape can’t be repaired.


What we do:

  • We transfer your DVCAM to DVD using only premium quality DVD’s. They are recorded in the DVD-R format for maximum compatibility with DVD players.
  • All transfers come standard with a vinyl library case and custom label.
  • All straight DVD transfers (no editing) have a chapter at 5 min. intervals to allow you to rapidly search through the DVD.
  • After converting tape, all DVCAM are returned in their original condition.
  • We can also convert DVCAM and HDV tapes into files.  Such files include AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, FLV and Apple MAC Quicktime MOV & H.264.

Hecker Video offers added security and convenience with free pick-up of your films, videotapes, camera tapes, home movies, slides and photos & free delivery of your finished DVD’s at no additional charge anywhere in Queens, Nassau or Suffolk County LI ( Long Island ), NY for orders over $85!



DVCAM & HDV $30.00
PAL DVCAM & HDV $40.00
Convert to Files  
     First Hour $35.00
     Every Hour After $10.00