About Hecker Video

Hecker Video has been a trusted name in the video industry since 1984.  We are a customer-focused company dedicated to transferring your irreplaceable memories into a digital format for preservation and easy viewing.

Over time, Film, Video tapes, Photos and Slides lose color and flexibility even under ideal conditions.  Videotapes lose clarity and playability from humidity, temperature and exposure to electromagnetic fields. Experts estimate the maximum life of a video tape to be only 30 years.  Most formats including VHS tapes are becoming obsolete. Playback equipment, such as a VCR are no longer manufactured and repairs are costly or unavailable. And if your tapes are broken, don’t worry, we also fix and repair.

Hecker Video provides you with high quality DVD’s that are viewable on your TV with the convenience of your DVD & Blu-ray player.  You are also able to view them on your computer.  We can also put your film and videos into AVI Files, MPEG’s, FLV and Apple Mac Quicktime files, MOV and H.264 files.  These files can be put onto your computer and imported in a movie program for personal editing. Speaking of editing, we also edit, enhance and color correct your movies.  For those of you who have old or weathered photos, we also offer a restoration service.

Hecker Video uses professional equipment and personal monitoring by our staff to assure the best possible transfer to a high quality DVD. Hecker Video is open 7 days a week, 9AM to 7PM Eastern to handle all your media and video transfer needs!  Our experienced staff is ready to answer your questions and help create your custom DVDs.

About Lee Hecker

Lee Hecker, founder of Hecker Video, understands from personal experience the importance of preserving your videos and photographs. Lee lost his family’s recorded memories not from physical damage but from the theft of his cameras and tapes. Whether you’re protecting tapes and film against gradual or sudden physical loss, choosing the convenience of viewing a DVD or making perfect copies for family and friends, act now to save and enjoy your priceless memories.


Hecker Video offers added security and convenience with free pick-up of your films, videotapes, slides and photos and free delivery of your finished DVD’s at no additional charge anywhere in Queens, Nassau or Suffolk County, LI ( Long Island ) New York for orders over $85!

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