VHS Tape to DVD VHS-C to DVD Video 8mm to DVD
VHS or Super VHS VHS-C or Super VHS-C Video 8mm
Video HI8 to DVD Video Digital 8 Tape to DVD MiniDV Tape to DVD
Video Hi8 Digital 8 MiniDV

What we do:

  • We transfer your videotape to DVD using only premium quality DVD’s. They are recorded in the DVD-R format for maximum compatibility with DVD players.
  • All transfers come standard with a vinyl library case and cover printed with your name. See below for options such as a custom case with images from the DVD, custom disc label, opening title and graphics and editing.
  • All straight DVD transfers (no editing) have a chapter at 5 min. intervals to allow you to rapidly search through the DVD.
  • After converting tape, all videotapes are returned in their original condition.
  • Tapes recorded in the LP speed (4 hrs.- VHS) on VCR usually are slightly grainier than tapes recorded at SP speed (2 hrs.- VHS). They also sometimes have problems with tracking lines. All attempts to transfer VHS to DVD are made to minimize these lines.
  • Tapes recorded in the EP or SLP speed (6 to 8 hrs.-VHS) on VCR have even more grain. On a VHS, Video 8 & miniDV conversion, we use only the highest quality machines to sharpen or upscale the picture.
  • Several tapes may be put onto 1 DVD
  • We also convert Video 8 tapes that were recorded with PCM audio
  • We can also convert your tapes into files such as AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, FLV, Apple MAC Quicktime MOV & H.264.



VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS-C $15.00
Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV $20.00
PAL Converted to US Format (NTSC) $30.00
     First Hour $40.00
     2 Hours $50.00

Foreign Conversion & Repairs: 

  • Foreign tapes recorded in PAL or SECAM can be transferred to the US format (NTSC).
  • Tapes that are damaged or broken cost $20.00 for repair. Once we fix or repair a tape, we can put it onto a digital format.
  • There is no charge if the tape cannot be repaired.



  • Upgrade to a custom package that includes images from your DVD on the library case, a custom disc label and an opening title and graphics at the start of DVD for $20.00.
  • Order extra copies of your video transfer to DVD for family and friends for $10.00 each.
  • Editing price depends on the extent of the editing. Call us with your request.


What you do:

  1. Using a felt-tip pen, number each videotape, starting with #1. For DVD’s made from multiple tapes, this will also be the tape’s sequence on the DVD.
  2. Advise us about options such as editing, custom cover, custom labels and extra copies of the DVD for family and friends.
  3. Call us to get the best price for your project.
  4. Print the checklist to keep track of your originals. The same checklist can be used for your slides, photos and movies.


Notes on videotape condition:
  • Tapes that are crinkled in a spot can be seamlessly edited out.
  • Tapes that have moderate heat damage can sometimes be repaired and then transferred.
  • Tapes that have been damaged by extreme heat are usually beyond repair.
  • A MiniDV is a digital tape, but can get twisted, scorched or broken.