Transfer DVD to DVD

What we do:

  • We transfer your DVD’s onto a premium quality DVD, recorded in the DVD-R format for maximum compatibility with DVD players.
  • All DVDs come standard with a vinyl library case and cover printed with a title of your choice.
  • We can transfer multiple DVD’s onto one DVD (up to 120 minutes of video per DVD).
  • We can edit the source DVD to produce a new DVD Disc with only the videos you want.
  • When you copy DVD to DVD there is no loss in quality.


  • $15.00 to copy a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW for a maximum of two hours of video.


  • Order extra copies of the DVD Disc for family and friends for $10.00 each.
  • Editing price depends on the extent of the editing. Call us with your request.

What you do:

  1. Number each DVD on its case or sleeve, starting with #1. For new DVD’s made from multiple DVD’s this number will be the DVD’s sequence on the new DVD.
  2. Call us to get the best price for your project.
  3. Advise us about options such as editing, custom cover, extra copies of the DVD for family and friends.