Audio Cassette to CD


Audio cassettes have become as obsolete as VHS tapes have.  Unfortunately they also degrade over time due to humidity, heat & the magnetic field of our planet.  Also, playing tapes over & over again wears out the magnetic material on the film caused by the audio head in the cassette player.  Many of us have important memories recorded on cassettes.  Some may have recorded their own songs and others may have recording of other people either way, you can now transfer it onto CD or onto files like mp3.

We adjust recording levels for cassettes that were recorded too low. We also can put in automatic track divisions for cassettes that have songs.  Call on pricing for track divisions. Tape from cassettes may have become unraveled & will have to be repaired.  All recorded CD’s are finalized & therefore can be played on all CD players as well as computers.

If you have 80 minute or longer tapes, they will have to be transferred onto a set of 2 CD’s.  Each side will be a single CD.


Hecker Video offers added security and convenience with free pick-up of your films, videotapes, camera tapes, home movies, slides and photos & free delivery of your finished DVD’s at no additional charge anywhere in Queens, Nassau County or Suffolk County LI ( Long Island ), NY for orders over $85!



 Convert each audio cassette to CD up to 80 minutes    $25.00
 Convert each audio cassette to CD over 80 minutes    $35.00
         ( Put onto a set of 2 CD’s)  
 Copy CD to CD    $10.00